Açores eleito o destino mais cool de 2019

Azores elected the coolest fate of 2019

Azores elected the
coolest destination

The Azores Archipelago was considered the coolest destination to visit in 2019


Forbes magazine considered the archipelago of the Azores as the coolest destination to visit in 2019.

In this case, we will talk a little about the Island of St. George. This island, like all the islands of the Azores, conveys peace, tranquility and a great desire not to leave. 

This is the only island where you can see four islands at the same time, in a specific site, called "Peak of Hope ". From this magnificent place, it is possible to see the island Terceira, Graciosa, Faial and Pico. In addition to this landscape, you can reach the island of Faial and Pico by boat.


"I always recommended to those who visit the Azores an approach to the islands made by sea. In the case of São Jorge it is worth it, even if it is to see the falls of water that fall from the top of the coast and rush on the sea or in its mythical Fajãs. "- Francisco Lacerda

Throughout the island, you will find several Fajãs (second image), which is the island with the most abundance of them. In these small lands, formed by materials detached from the cliffs, which result from the crashing waves of the sea, you can discover wonderful little corners that will fascinate you.

Apart from this scenery, there are also parks and several trails to explore.

For this reason, São Jorge Island is a destination not to be missed, with much to discover. Something that we are revealing through the blog, so as to help you explore the best places on the island.

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