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The Natural Swimming Pool Simão Dias is one of the most paradisiacal of the Azores and probably the most well hidden.

It is located in Fajã do Ouvidor, one of the largest Fajãs of São Jorge Island. Pertence to the parish of Norte Grande, in the county of Velas, on the north coast of the island, and this cliff is around 400 meters.

The origin of these natural pools is due to the erosion caused by the waves crash, with several marine materials and by intense rains at the top of the mountains, superimposed on the basaltic rock that constituted them.

"The pool Simão Dias is a paradise that we have here on the island.", "A bathing area of excellence.", "Great place to stay"

Given the weak presence of areal, the marine water that fills these pools presents itself extremely limpid and crystalline.

This pool provides great satisfaction for those who call themselves adventurers, the path down to the water somewhat challenging, like most of the hidden natural treasures.

Nothing with great difficulty, just a little more difficult than the other natural pools.

This pool transmits tranquility and well-being and anyone who passes there, leaves rejuvenated and amazed by what nature has to offer.

If you like paradisiacal places, do not miss this wonder of Portugal, I guarantee you will not regret to try these waters.

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