* CDW INSURANCE included in all groups | Required Franchise | Minimum rental period: 24h | Values include VAT rate of 18% and liability insurance up to 50,000,000 € | Excludes additional insurance and other supplements other than those described.

Values include VAT rate of 18% || All amounts are charged per day, except MYP.

DAD (Personal Accident Insurance) - Single value per rental, per person | Coverage due to death or permanent disability 14,963.94 € and medical expenses up to € 1,496.39
S / CDW (Super CDW) - When purchasing this insurance in conjunction with the CDW, it reduces the mandatory deductible to the minimum value (€ 59.00). Insurance excludes damages to tires, rims, windshields and damages under the car.
CPJ (Tire and Wheel Cover) - Additional insurance against tire and wheel damage (Excludes D & E Group)
WDW (Windshield Coverage) - When contracted with CDW + SCDW & TP, deductible deduction for minimum work (Excludes D & E Group)
TP (Theft Protection) - Protection against total or partial theft of the vehicle; deductible according to table CDW; Excludes property theft
CDW (Collision Coverage) - Included in all rates, it allows to reduce, in case of collision, the value to the mandatory franchise

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